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Virtual Ministry – A Perspective

When I first considered participating in a church service in a virtual space, it took some mental gymnastics to wrap my mind around the concept. The technical aspects intrigued me but I had no idea how it would work. Ministry sans the face to face experiences that I’d had up to that time didn’t seem …

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Imposition of Ashes – On Avatars

Please join us at Koinonia Church for a service of imposition of ashes. Koinonia is a progressive Christian church meeting in Second Life – we welcome ALL who come in peace. Click here to learn more about Koinonia Church in Second Life and to access the link to our little cyber-congregation. By progressive we: Invite …

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Technology, The Great Commission and Authentic Christian Community

Spreading the word by any means possible, most specifically via media outlets such as radio, television and the internet, has been always been criticized for diminishing the power of community and sustained practices of nurturing discipleship of the believer. Nested within this critique lies in the theological debate about direct and mediated experience. Religion is …

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