Our Stories, God’s Story – Koinonia StoryQuest

Last night was the kick-off of our summer StoryQuest, a Second Life Vacation Bible School experience at Koinonia. Unlike first life VBS we will gather once a week in an expanded time around our usual worship time on Wednesday evenings. Each week a different leader in the larger Koionia community (yes I realize every time I type that phrase that it is redundant) will begin by sharing a parable with those gathered and encouraging a little discussion. After folks are engaged and thinking deeply about the parable the leader invites folks to go on a field trip to some interesting location in Second Life, a location that tells a story (which most locations truly do). Hopefully participants can make some connections at the new location – either with the parable or with their own story. After a time of exploration folks are to return to Koinonia (some location in the larger sim community) and are invited to share a story of their own. Something that maybe came to mind in the reading for the evening or something that surfaced as they explored the SL location.

Last night we gathered around the fire outside Koinonia church and began our evening with Luke 13:18-21 – the parables of “Mischievous Mustard and Lasting Leaven” as Barbara E. Reid has called them in Parables for Preachers (Year C)
We had a lovely little discussion about the subversive nature of these parables and about the in-breaking of the Reign of God.

RachelvilleWe then ventured to a site called Rachelville, which is a touching exhibit built by some friends of mine in Second Life as a tribute, a memorial garden for their daughter Rachel.

Stories Without BordersWe returned to the fire ring and told stories then I offered them the link to a fantastic sim hosting the Stories Without Borders Project

All in all, a perfect start to Koinonia StoryQuest. I hope you will join us next week as we continue to explore how our stories intertwine with God’s story.


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