Lost enough to believe

Too many times, I feel I have to have a firm foundation to stand on to start something. Building a house. Writing a post. Believing in a new marriage between two folks I see so differently. But that goes against what and how I believe.

I build houses all the time on a surface and in a platform that many will never understand. Being in a place I never conceived of six years ago, I now exist in many realities for which I cannot build a solid foundation for. These realities exist in the questions. They do not need my permission or concrete belief to exist or occur. If I try to define them, they fade or morph into other things that I never expected.

God, like these realities, doesn’t ask my permission to walk into the reality I perceive. God simply is. God, in my perception, wants me to live in the liminal space between concrete belief (some call this putting God in a box) and all out disbelief. I see this space as a space where questions pave the streets and answers are always on the run. I live here. How about you?


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