Of cars, corned beef and conversation

And it came to pass.  Despite an overheated car engine, despite suburban LA traffic, despite darkness and traveler’s tummy, Kim and I found ourselves seated in a cozy pub in Claremont, carrying on a conversation like most of the other people around us. Most likely no one there would ever have guessed this was our first face to face conversation- considering the way we laughed and carried on.  Our time together was simply a continuance of the conversations we have been having via Secondlife for over a year now. 

Catching up on concerns for our shared ministry, our families, our lives, the comfortability and ease of our conversation simply confirmed what I think we both already know- we are friends, colleagues, followers of Christ- commited to building healthy and holy relaionships in whatever medium, world or venue we find ourselves.

For me this dinner was just another way to hang out with a friend, touch base, connect to someone and something bigger than my own concerns, and simply enjoy the laughter, good food and “magic” of the evening.  Nothing awkward or strange, other than the maze to the restrooms, and the decisions on which beverage to partake of- so many choices 🙂

So we laughed and chatted, much like we do in second life conversation- a reminder to me how very important Second Life and the community of Koinonia and Xenia have been in my relocation across country. 

Friends, family and loved ones from KCC were my consistant base to connect with while I was acclimating to a new home, job and situation. As I drove home, I was struck by how this virtual community allowed me some stability and comfort in my new home.  The community at Koinonia and Xenia prayed and blessed me in the loss of both my parents, the celebration of my new found life partner, and the joys and struggles we all face on a daily basis.

More than just a game or a place to hang out, I have discovered that Second Life is simply another venue for me to be in community with others.  Where else can I listen to a concert, dance, or worship with my family worldwide and share the experience of connection?  These relationships are real and valuable, and have helped me transition to a new location knowing that I can always turn on the computer and find a friend or family to hang out with.

I am thankful that Kim had the insight to recognize within Second LIfe this amazing capacity to connect people to each other, to see the theologic implications and possibilities, and to  perservere and persist in creating this space for all.

All I want to know now is “How the heck did the magician KNOW it was the 4 of hearts?”


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