A foot in each world

I am sitting in front of the incredible fireplace my partner had built for me in our backyard as a birthday gift. Real wood burning, pushing and propping the logs – searching and adding twigs to keep the warm glow stoked. The smell of the burn, so toasty on this early March evening touches my soul in deep and eternal places.

Before going to sleep I will stop by my church – Koinonia Church in Second Life – to read prayer requests dropped in our mailbox today, speak to a parishioner or two and sit in prayer before the night comes to a close.

Tomorrow morning, early, I leave for Claremont California – Claremont School of Theology to be precise, for the Theology After Google conference/event/conversation.

The wood, the wires and the people in each of these places are part of me now, tomorrow and as my journey continues.

Praise be to God for giving me two feet with which to stand in the woody, smoky world and the messy virtual worlds that are all part of your magnificent creation where dwell your beloved children.


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  1. Kimberly,
    I was at the TAG conference and am completing my final project for the class now. I don’t think we actually met, but I’m glad to be connected now. At the conference I had no idea what my project would be. Not being very technical, I had a hard time deciding. I am interested in spiritual formation and SL offered an intriguing possibility.

    I have found that I enjoy the SL worship and can see it as a real ministry. I did a meditation at Koinonia last Sunday and got some really good feed.

    I’ve a couple things posted on my blogspot, perhaps you could comment on one of them? I’d be honored.

    Thanks for this post, I would like to quote from it in my paper.

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