One Big Reason I Serve in Second Life

I need to share with y’all a message I received this morning from a parishioner in Second Life …

“I just want to say how much I really appreciate you, your ministry here in SL, and Koinonia. I’m kind of bummed right now because I got booted out of a “Christian” sim (Eternal Creations) last night, apparently for asserting that I am both a Christian and a lesbian. I’m just so very, very grateful that I can come here to Koinonia and find a place to commune with Jesus, get healed, and move on. Praise God for your work here. Peace be with you.” ~Tina

And this is not the first time I’ve heard this story, in fact I myself was “booted” from communion with a large group of “Christians” in SL because of the same thing, and for my presumption to pastor from such a context. Not only was I booted but members of this group would come to our worship services and deliberately disrupt our time of prayer and fellowship by “shouting” angry and hateful things, calling me (and us) heretics and evil (or daughter of Satan – that’s a good one). All that happened over two years ago and convinced me even more how important it was for our ministry to remain and grow in Second Life as the safe haven where God’s radical hospitality is lived out in new and tangible ways. Praise be to God for allowing me the opportunity to serve in this way and to be there for folks like Tina.


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