Twitter Worship @1stcot

We began at 9 am with the:

    Call to worship

Amidst the tweeting we come to you oh God – to listen 4 your voice & look 4 your light

Today we practice your presence with every tweet a reminder to listen and look for you

oil the hinges of our hearts’ doors that they may swing gently & easily to welcome your coming

May our experience of the Divine transform our doubts & fears& prepare us to love the world. Amen


Gentle God, we confess to you, to 1 another & to ourselves that we often refuse to see your light in the world.


Words of Assurance

One fact remains: The light of God’s love shines on you and through you. This is the good news!

At 1:00 – Prayer before sharing the Word

Light of God, shine through us, shine in spite of us – so we see your Grace & we share your love.

1:11 – Sharing the Word

Luke 9:28-43 – a reading … they saw his glory —

And a seeing

Prayers Lifted Up

#tworship @theflagsofdawn: Pray for my parish looking to a new year with expectation and hope.

#tworship @jmartinoni: #prayer for all congregations in transition that they may also imagine a vision of themselves transfigured

Just before 3pm Reflection Tweets began

Bonhoeffer ” I must meet [others] only as the person he is in Christ’s eyes”

Our transfiguration IS ALREADY through Christ- can you the light in others through Christ’s eyes?

Passing of The Peace

RT @breyeschow: The #peace of Christ be with you . . . and also with you. Pass it on. #tworship

A Song – Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall

8:30 PM

As the day of worship draws to a close

God grant that we may see your light In all people, in all places

As the night closes in, know that we reside in the brilliant light of Christ’s Love

And closing around 9 o’clock

God we pray – send us down from the mountain to love and serve and grant that we recognize the Thin Places in life where the veil is gossamer and we perceive your presence.

Amen and Amen.


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